Accolades from Michelle's students.

I had the opportunity to take a couple of yoga classes from Michelle while on vacation in Miami and even in that short time, could see that she has very special qualities! She is exceptionally knowledgeable about the body and mind-body connection, is a wonderful motivator, nurturing and so passionate about teaching yoga. Anyone who's fortunate enough to have her as an instructor is sure to come away feeling that they've benefitted greatly!


After going to a few yoga classes over the past number of years, I had just about given up that it was for me. However, a few weeks ago, I decided to give it another try. Stepping into Michelle's class, I felt the usual trepidation, but it didn't take long for me to see that this class would be a good one. Michelle is an excellent teacher and has guided me along the way. I never felt that I was once again a failure. She gave me confidence to continue, and I grew to love the class very quickly. Her presentations are varied and beneficial. She has a calming way of speaking and putting across her message of love and joy. I always leave her class feeling renewed, refreshed, and calm. I am grateful each time I attend her class.

I really enjoyed Michelle's restorative yoga class and felt open and aligned afterward. She has a passion for teaching and teaches a fun class.

I had the opportunity to take my first class with Michelle recently. I walked in not knowing what to expect, but with an open mind. The truth was that morning, I had made the "choice" to let a deep wound I have healing take over my perspective. Little did I know, Michelle brought light to my situation with her ability to connect through her class both physically and emotionally. She created a space of humanity and kindness and made everything we did have a deeper meaning. We worked on the "hips" because we hold our tension there. We worked on one small thing to take a bigger step forward. I left being reminded we have choices to make and loving my body that much more.

I have been taking yoga classes for 3 years around Dade county and West Palm Beach. I have taken about 8 of Michelle's restorative classes recently so far and I adore them and find her to be the best teacher I've ever had!!! These body setups/postures are correcting my mood, form and shape in a graceful way!! Michelle is very interested in everyone taking her classes because, no. 1, she is a real, real sweet person and, no. 2, because this is her passion!! Each week she offers something new so it's always fun focusing on different areas each class. Michelle is inspirational and I'm so glad I know her now!!

My first yoga lesson ever was with Michelle. I have to thank her for introducing me to this new discipline. After that day I’ve been attending yoga lessons twice a week. I also take her "slow flow restorative yoga class" and I have to tell you, it’s amazing! You can really feel your body regenerate and relax....This class helps me a lot to focus on my body and my thoughts and to find my inner balance again. I would recommend Michelle as teacher; she's really amazing and you can understand how much she loves yoga. A real professional! Thanks Michelle!

I highly recommend taking Michelle’s restorative yoga class. This class will make you look better, feel better and leave you craving for more. Michelle is very knowledgeable and gives you personal attention, giving detailed instructions allowing you to make the smallest adjustments with the props to get maximum benefit from the variety of poses. What I love about this class is that I can challenge myself physically, experience an exhilarating workout and reap the benefits of the amazing healing aspects of yoga.

I am very happy to say that once again I am a Yogi! I lost interest in the past due mostly to the fact that I did not enjoy or get motivated by my instructors until recently when I found Michelle. She has brought Yoga back into my life!! She has been able to motivate, encourage and enlighten my experience once again. It has been several years since I have taken Yoga and I am extremely happy to say, with her help and guidance, I am back in the game! Thank you Michelle...

It's very rare these days to find someone that has found their purpose in life and is able to use their gift to enrich the lives of others. Michelle Meier is one of these people. Yoga is not something I would have ever imagined myself practicing and now I find myself looking forward to my time on the mat. I have never been a person to join any activity or group but my introduction to yoga has been such a positive experience because of Michelle. I don't know a lot about yoga but I do know people and Michelle is a genuinely kind and grounded person. Michelle runs an incredible class that encompasses every level from the total beginner to the seasoned instructor. Michelle provides modifications to the program so that anyone taking it will be able to derive some sort of benefit in a completely nonjudgmental environment. Michelle's class stresses the whole mind/body connection in a very positive way, I leave class feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time. I highly recommend trying any of her classes, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

I have been practicing Yoga for the past forty-five years and so appreciate the way in which Michelle Meier joyfully teaches her Gentle Flow and Restorative Yoga classes. At this stage in my life, I feel fortunate to have a dedicated Yoga instructor who is passionate in helping others gain the flexibility and relaxation that Yoga can provide, while also sharing her sweet wisdom and happy insight to living our lives genuinely and gain more fulfillment within ourselves.