A Beautiful Death: Official Book Release

June 19, 2018 | by Michelle Meier

After months of unforeseen obstacles, it's finally here! "A Beautiful Death" is a raw, vulnerable account of losing my mom, how God and yoga guided me through, and how I found the light at the end of the dark tunnel of grief. Read on for the official press release with a link to my newly released book.

A Beautiful Death Book Cover


Climb Out of the Quicksand to Transformative Possibilities

Miami, FL (June 19, 2018) – She thought she handled her mother’s death rather well; in truth, her world came crashing down.  

In her newly released book, “A Beautiful Death,” author Michelle Meier unravels the grieving paralysis she and so many others experience: being stuck for years and gazing at the closed door behind them instead of walking through the open door ahead leading them towards a fulfilling life that’s been there all along.  

Grief stems from a variety of triggers: a breakup, a layoff or career change, a move, or the loss of a loved one.  Regardless, it is the death of something in our lives and how we choose to face it that can make or break us.

Meier was the kind of broken she was unaware of—putting one foot in front of the other as so many of us do when we are on autopilot; except we often fail to see the beauty, rebirth and transformation that come from death and loss.

She may have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane three times in her life, but nothing scared Meier more than losing her mother.  When the devastating news of her imminent death struck the family, she painfully – like a climber with her eye on the summit – was determined to turn tragedy to triumph through God, yoga and writing. 

What started as a means to make sense of a world turned upside down through the loss of one of the most meaningful people in her life, a career change, a move and a breakup all at the same time, turned into a book that unapologetically explores death, grief—the stuff we don’t want to talk about—and the often unsteady path toward healing.


Michelle Meier is a Miami-based yoga therapist whose passion is assisting others through their own path of healing, whether from injury, illness or a broken heart.

“A Beautiful Death” is a raw, vulnerable account of the “before” and “after” of significant loss and the valuable life lessons Meier learned along the way.  In sharing her journey, she hopes to turn others’ personal losses into triumphs. 

To get your copy of “A Beautiful Death” click on this link or go to Amazon and type in “Michelle Meier” under the search option. Both eBook and paperback versions are available. 

Visit her website at www.LoveJOYogaTherapy.com and subscribe to Meier’s newsletter for updates on upcoming book signings, workshops and wellness tips.

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