It's Time...My Book Is Coming Out!

February 16, 2018 | by Michelle Meier

From darkness to light, from grief to healing, how writing my book about losing my mom has helped me learn to surrender and embrace the beauty and magic of life. Book launch date revealed inside...

Happy 2018!  Are you, like me, feeling the winds of change this year?  A shift in global consciousness upon us?  

I’ve been off social media for months, focused on my own shifts within.  After over five years, I finally finished the book I’ve been writing on death, grief and healing.  Most of it was completed in November and December, when I spent 8-10 hours a day almost daily working on it. 

It was a process; an emotional journey.  It was like I was reliving everything all over again when I lost my mom.  It wasn’t until I finished writing the book that I realized I’d had deeper grief still buried inside. 

I thought I’d handled it well over the years.  On the outside everything looked great.  But inside I battled depressive thoughts.  This long buried grief was blocking my view of the present moment.  It was robbing me of a beautiful future. 

Perusing the journals I’d kept during the time of losing her and writing about my journey of loss, I was able to see how much I’d gained.  I was able to see how much I’ve grown.  I was finally able to turn away from the closed door of my past and step forward into the amazing life I’d always dreamed of. 

I’ve been on a kick lately listening to Abraham Hicks, which has inspired me to consistently tune into how I’m feeling and to notice my thoughts so that I can direct them towards what I want in life.  Most of the time we’re focused on all the things we don’t want.  Then we attract more of what we don’t want. 

I’ve always been on board with the Law of Attraction; I’m only now becoming aware of the tiny resistances I unconsciously held onto that kept life at arm’s length.  I’m being more deliberate with the life I wish to create for myself and with shedding fears and doubts along the way.  I’m loving more deeply.  I’m doing this now because I finally chose to let go of the pain. 

There is no right way to grieve.  I hope in sharing my story and how God and yoga helped me through the darkest time of my life that you will find comfort and healing.  There is a light on the other side of your pain.

If you’re going through or have gone through loss of any kind, I pray my book will help shed some light on your path.  The publish date is set for March 1st on Amazon.  I’ll update you with a link when it’s out.

I just completed the final run through of the book while my talented website designer, Judith Huber, integrates the text for digital print and creates my book cover from the dream that came to me for it recently.  Thanks for helping me bring my vision to life, Judith!

Thanks to my boyfriend for his support and belief in me to turn my dream into a reality.  Thanks to my dad and sister for their unconditional love.  Thanks so much to all of you for your continued love and support.  May this year be your best year yet.  Let’s do this!

Love and Joy,


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  • "When you show yourself that you can return to joy under those conditions [grieving], there is never, ever, ever, ever again anything for you to fear."