The Seven Principles of Self Love ~ Principle #6: Be Ok With Being Imperfect

April 19, 2016 | by Michelle Meier

When we come back to self love, everything else falls into place. You are signaling to the Universe that you are open and ready to receiving love, joy and abundance. But what does it really mean to love yourself? How do you actually do it??

These past 5 weeks on the journey of Self Love have been both eye-opening and heart-warming.  While The 7 Principles of Self Love came to me in the blink of an eye, there have been so many new insights each week as I've been sharing with you in my blog.  

And since part of loving yourself is about growing, I know there will be many more pearls of wisdom to come.

Last week's principle was about knowing your self worth.  It's not about the clothes you wear.  It's not about how much money you make.  It's not about whether you can do a handstand or a forearm balance.

Those are all nice things to be appreciated and enjoyed but they do not make you who you are nor do they dictate what you're worth.

For years I picked myself apart in front of the mirror, I pushed myself harder to be the person I thought would make my dad proud or make others appreciate and love me.  I tried to make good grades.  I tried to earn a bigger paycheck.  I tried to please others, as if they would tell me I'm worth it.

But the thing is: I just AM.  We all just ARE.  We don't need to TRY to be anything.  We are perfect, whole and complete right now, right here.  Nothing is needed or required of us to be so.

We are all made in the image of God and God is Love.  So we, too, are pure Love.

The moment we realize this, we can let go of the masks, the pretenses, the fears, and the worries.  The moment we realize this, we can shine in our own greatness, knowing that no one person is better than another, that we are all great individually and together.  We are one and the same in that Love.

The big lesson this past week has also been putting God first.  For instance, I've often fretted about how I'm going to present material in my classes.  That kind of worry is doubting my self worth.  God has given me the purpose of teaching because He is using me as His vessel to serve others and I can trust that He will speak through me at the time it is needed.  I can rest my self worth in Him.

This leads into this week's THE 7 PRINCIPLES OF SELF LOVE, PRINCIPLE #6:


We are all here in the same boat learning the same lessons.  So why are we so worried about how we look, what we're going to say, how life is going to play out...?  Why are we so afraid of failure or of making mistakes?

Life will always have its ups and downs, as will we along our path of growth. Growth, in itself, implies the ups and downs of the challenges life presents us.  It means pushing past the limits of our comfort zone and that also may mean things could get messy and obscure as we figure out our life lessons.

This past year I was on a quest of self-exploration and transformation, delving into book after book about the ego and consciousness, journaling about my insecurities and insights, and marching through transformational programs starting with the Landmark Forum.  

It was not a comfortable time in my life, examining myself under the magnifying glass and learning about beliefs I had buried deep down like "I'm not good enough or worthy enough".  It's said a last thing a fish would notice is water.  Well, all this self exploration helped me see the water.

It wasn't until I graduated Landmark's entire Curriculum for Living, 9 months later, when I realized I'd been so bent on becoming "a better person" that I forgot I'm already amazing.  As are you.

Just like when we find ourselves waiting for that perfect moment that will magically make us happy or bring us peace, we shouldn't find ourselves waiting before we become "perfect" to take action on our life dreams.

Workshops, classes, seminars, books, teachers and therapists are all wonderful tools to help us grow.  But don't be so hard on yourself in the process.  We will always be "in the process" throughout our lifetime, which is why it's absolutely necessary to be ok with being imperfect.


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