The Seven Principles of Self Love ~ Principle #4: Discipline Yourself

April 5, 2016 | by Michelle Meier

When we come back to self love, everything else falls into place. You are signaling to the Universe that you are open and ready to receiving love, joy and abundance. But what does it really mean to love yourself? How do you actually do it??

The ebb and flow of life continues and sometimes it feels like walking on a tightrope, trying to balance everything in life.  Thankfully when I've fallen, the ground is not too far and I brush myself off and try again.  My heart is in the right place.  I keep reminding myself that.

That helped me this past week with Principle #3: Trust Yourself.

Interestingly enough, I've recently had several doors closing on me with things not working out as I'd anticipated.  One avenue of regular income suddenly disappeared and, at first, I felt calm and thought, "well, God must be opening other doors for me."

I didn't take that sitting down either.  Instead I got back to working on my book on grief and healing.  I created new ideas and have been getting out there and sharing them with others.  I was feeling pumped up about all the possibilities of creating the life I truly desire.

And then a few days into the week, Fear knocked on my door.  I foolishly answered and even invited him in to hang out with me.  How quickly we can let self-doubt and uncertainty seep in!

Today I ran into a dear neighbor and, when I shared with her that I'd been relying on that avenue of income, she squeezed my arm and said, "Michelle, you are never relying on income--or anyone else for that matter.  God provides.  God is the source.  God is the Universe.  And as a daughter of God, you will be provided for."

There are no coincidences.  I ran into her for a reason.  I needed to hear that.  She was right.  Of course, God provides.  I was overcome with peace and hugged her with tears in my eyes.

And wouldn't you know when I came home, I had four checks in the mail from money that was owed me.

So one of the main things I took away from last week is not only to trust myself but also to TRUST GOD!  You will always be provided for.

This week from my 7 PRINCIPLES OF SELF LOVE, I'm sharing with you PRINCIPLE #4:


The word "discipline" is not one I particularly like, let alone love.  It conjures images of me back in school slaving over hours of complex trigonometry homework for which I knew I'd have zero use in my life.  It's the annoying "I have to get up for work early tomorrow morning so I can't stay out late with you tonight."  It's choosing to skip that creamy caramel fudge cheesecake when you're trying to cut down on sugar and calories.'s also crossing that finish line in record time after months of sweaty grueling training.  It's getting that reward, bonus or raise that you've steadily worked so hard to earn.  It's getting a clean bill of health after consistently choosing more nutritious food options.  It's pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to achieve what you once thought impossible.

Discipline is what landed man on the moon.  It's what led to the discovery of quantum physics.  All of mankind's greatest achievements involved discipline.

To love yourself is to BE your best self.  And to BE your best self, you must discipline yourself.  Going back to PRINCIPLES #s 1 (TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY) and 2 (TAKE CARE OF YOUR MIND), it means eating right, getting enough sleep, meditating or learning to clear your mind, reading books and mastering new things.

To live a life you love in which you love yourself, it takes vision, goal setting, action and persistence.  It also takes faith, as my neighbor lovingly reminded me this week.

Remember life is a balancing act, so don't forget to have fun in the process!!  

So often we make life out to be black and white, all or nothing.  Sometimes we get so focused on a goal that we forget what it was like to go out dancing with our friends or partner or to savor a glass of wine watching the sunset.  Learn when to be strict with what your needs are and learn when to let go and loosen up.

Life is whatever you choose to create it to be!

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