The Seven Principles of Self Love ~ Principle #3: Trust Yourself

March 29, 2016 | by Michelle Meier

When we come back to self love, everything else falls into place. You are signaling to the Universe that you are open and ready to receiving love, joy and abundance. But what does it really mean to love yourself? How do you actually do it??

As I continue on this journey of self-love, just like in life, there have been ups and downs.  And that's part of what this is all about, this self-love.  It's understanding and accepting that you don't have the answers to everything and that, even when you think you've got it figured out, a new challenge arises.

But that's good.  When new challenges arise, it means you are growing.  So be grateful for those challenges.  They are opportunities for you to keep expanding.

Last week I focused on Principle #2: Take Care of Your Mind.  So I've been practicing changing my thoughts.  When we change our thoughts, we can change our lives.  It is that powerful.  And wouldn't you know it, BOOM!, a new challenge arose to test my fortitude.  

Randomly last week--and I still don't know how--I hurt my lower back.  The pain and back spasms were so intense I couldn't sit, stand or even lie down comfortably.  I was forced to bedrest.  Well, well...what a perfect time to really be with my thoughts!

Sometimes the intense spasms would take my breath away and, man, I'd go down that rabbit hole with a whirlwind of thoughts of pain, frustration and helplessness but, with practice, I was able to catch myself more quickly each time and refocus my attention to my breath and to positive thoughts about things I'd like to manifest in my life.

With gratitude for my strong, healthy back (a mantra I've been repeating over and over), I've been getting stronger each day.  And, while I may not always feel like I'm in control of my thoughts, I'm certainly getting faster at catching and shifting them.

With that, this week from my 7 PRINCIPLES OF SELF LOVE, I'm sharing with you PRINCIPLE #3:


Last night marked my graduation from Landmark's Curriculum for Living, a nine-month journey of self-exploration and transformation.  Oh, and there were plenty of ups and downs along that path, too!  What I took with me was that no matter how many books, seminars and tools I use to learn, I am the expert on myself.

It is important to empower yourself with workshops, books and seminars to help you keep growing.  I've received so many pearls of wisdom and powerful tools through these avenues.  I couldn't be more grateful to the many mentors and teachers along the way.  They are there simply to point us in the right direction.

The truth is, we already have all the answers we need in life within us.  Stop seeking outside of yourself to find it.  YOU are the expert of you.  Nobody else.  Learn to tune into your intuition.  Follow your heart.

I've always been strongly intuitive.  I receive messages, signs, and often dreams that I believe come from my higher self, a manifestation of God.  I've seen things before they happen.

You have this ability, too.  We all do.  It's just that most often we dismiss things as coincidence or just our imagination.

Take for instance in 8th grade summer camp, my friends and I were headed down to the stables to go horseback riding when a vision popped into my head of me lying on the ground with a horse running away, as if I'd fallen.  I dismissed it, thinking I was just psyching myself out and scared that I hadn't been on a horse in awhile.  Even after picking the slowest horse to ride that day (for good measure), I ended up catapulted off the horse with a broken nose and twisted neck.

So trust your gut.  Learn to listen to your body's signals.  If something isn't right for you, it won't feel right.  Deep down, you know.  You know what the answers are.  You know what you need.

There are no mistakes, only lessons, so what's to fear by trusting yourself?  Every step you take, no matter the direction, shapes who you are.  So maybe you take a step in a direction in which you don't feel right.  Just take a step back.  Walk another way.  That's all.  Don't beat yourself up for it.  You've got a good head on your shoulders.  You'll find a new way.

Go to seminars, read the books, get a counselor or therapist if you need but remember to trust yourself above all.  You are, after all, made in the image of God.

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