The Seven Principles of Self Love ~ Principle #1: Take Care of Your Body

March 15, 2016 | by Michelle Meier

When we come back to self love, everything else falls into place. You are signaling to the Universe that you are open and ready to receiving love, joy and abundance. But what does it really mean to love yourself? How do you actually do it??

This past year has been one of self exploration, digging into the most uncomfortable parts of myself, learning how my ego shows up and shedding the old thought patterns and beliefs that held me back from shining my light and being true to myself.

I was so determined to become a "better person" that somewhere along the way I forgot that I'm already amazing.  As are you.  Just the way you are.

With my quest of digging and learning more about myself, I learned that it all comes back to self love.

When we come back to self love, everything else falls into place.  You are signaling to the Universe you are ready and open to receiving love, joy and abundance.

But what does it really mean to love yourself?  How do you actually do it??

I was admittedly a little stumped when I asked myself this.  I even Googled "how to love yourself"...LOL.  But the answers came to me in the blink of an eye, as if from above--or perhaps from within.

Each week I'll be sharing with you one new principle of                                                                     "THE 7 PRINCIPLES OF SELF LOVE".


TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY.  We are only given one in this life and this is your temple.  

So exercise in way that is fun to you.  I practice yoga to stay strong and flexible and I'm overall an active person by taking the stairs and walking more to enjoy the sights and sound around me.  I'm reminded of my grandma, Omi Lieschen, who used to walk everywhere and carry her groceries up several flights of stairs telling me in German, "if you've got legs and can use them, use them!"  We are built to move, so move what you can.  

Get out and reconnect with nature--it's such a beautiful world out there!  Stop and appreciate the sun caressing your skin or the gentle breeze on your face.  Take a few deep breaths of air and be grateful you're alive and get to experience this life in your body.

Drink plenty of water and eat well.  As with everything, moderation is key.  You still want to enjoy that pizza or glass of wine, just not everyday.

Be kind and loving to your body.  Look at yourself naked in the mirror and be willing to let go of all the negative stuff you tell yourself about your body.  Instead, practice loving kindness to your body.  For the past couple of months, I started telling myself everyday in the mirror that I love and approve of myself exactly as I am.  I say it enough until I really FEEL it and I'm not just saying it to say it.

With my clients who have injuries or illness in a particular part of the body, I have them close their eyes and imagine a healing light emanating from their heart.  Then I ask them to direct their healing light to those areas in their bodies that need it most.  For instance, if you have a shoulder injury, send love to your shoulder.  Thank it for how it supports you each and every day.  Coupled with therapeutic yoga, this is much more powerful and effective than complaining about it!

It is a miracle that we are even alive.  FEEL the miracle that you are.  Love your body.  Love yourself.

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