A Mom's Love Lives On

May 9, 2015 | by Michelle Meier

Memories of Mami: not even death can separate us or the love we share for each other.

Let's go back in time to those awkward pimply middle school days.  If you were the butt of other kids' jokes like I once was, maybe you can relate.  

My good friend, Jamie, and I would hang out and play after school.  Sometimes either of our moms would take us out skating or shopping.  I was always envious of Jamie's relationship with her mom.  She'd share with her mom in the car about the happenings at school or her latest boy crush.  It shocked me how she could share such intimate details with her mom--well, ok, as intimate as a 12-year old can get.  I never dared to tell my mom about my boy crush who, incidentally, was New Kids on the Block's singing sensation, Joey McIntyre.

One strange day on our way home from school on the bus, Jamie started making fun of me to the other kids, calling me "shrimp" (I was short and she was tall) and other dreadful names.  I was horrified that my own friend had turned on me and I held back the tears until I got to my bus stop, where I jumped ship and burst into tears, crying the entire walk back to my house.

My mom heard my distress when I came through the door and came running.  I gushed to her the whole story, hoping she could sympathize with my pre-teen angst.  But her response was not what I expected.  In fact, it ticked me off.  She calmly placed her hand over mine and said that we should pray for Jamie.  

Ummm, what?!!  Why would I want to pray for someone who was so mean to me??  She explained that when people are mean to others it must mean something is not right in their lives and that they're probably hurting deep down inside over something.

I was still skeptical.  My mom urged me to sit with her and said she would lead us in the prayer.  I obliged but not without a smirk on my face.

About 15 minutes later the doorbell rang.  My mom was making an after-school snack in the kitchen so I went to the door to answer.  To my shock and surprise, there stood Jamie with tears in her eyes.  She started gushing about what a rough day she had at school, how she was teased for being tall, how her mom had yelled at her this morning and how sorry she was for taking it all out on me on the bus.

I stood there quietly with my mouth wide open and looked back towards the kitchen where my mom was softly humming the tune to "Amazing Grace".  Her back was turned but I swear I could see her smiling.  So this prayer thing really worked!

That was such a special memory I shared with my mom; it is thanks to her I have a relationship with God, which has only deepened since she died two and a half years ago.

The darkest time of my life fell upon me when losing my mom who was my soulmate and who'd become my best friend ever since our after-school prayer session.  Yet she continues to show me so much light, now more than ever.  

I receive so many signs and inspirations that are unequivocally from her.  After she died, I was visited daily for about two and a half months by a dragonfly.  Dragonflies represent transformation and are said to carry people’s souls.  When I was a kid, my mom would say it was good luck to find a penny.  These days she often leaves me pennies on the ground; sometimes I even find a dime!  She's even appeared to me in dreams either with messages or showing me where she is now.

Through my mom I've learned the power of prayer and that nothing can separate love or bonds of the soul--not even death.

Happy Mother's Day to you, Mami, and to all the moms out there who sacrifice so much for their children.  You are forever loved.

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