Healing is an Inside Job (Part 1 of 2)

October 20, 2015 | by Michelle Meier

Popping a pill or having surgery isn't always the best solution. Take control of your health. Become an active participant in your own healing.

Therapeutic Yoga for Women's Health


For 20 years I’d suffered from dysmenorrhea, which is quite simply a term for painful and difficult periods.  Though the degree of pain and difficulty was not simple.

Almost every woman is affected by premenstrual symptoms to some extent in her lifetime but a much smaller percentage (some estimate around 10%) experience pain that is debilitating.  My period used to send me home from school and, into my adult life, it rendered me incapable of working at least on the first day I got it.

I’m talking nausea, fever, dizziness, brain fog, inability to form a sentence and sharp pangs of pain radiating from my uterus to my extremities, leaving me a collapsed mess in my bed.  Often times when I was forced to cancel work or appointments, people were in disbelief, probably wondering why I was complaining about “PMS”; I mean most women just deal with their periods, right?  It was close to impossible to function like a normal human being with mine.


For years doctors kept me on birth control, which helped alleviate some of the symptoms but only served to mask the source of the problem.  After my mom died 3 years ago of cancer, initially onset by hormone therapy, I was understandably weary of continuing to pop hormone pills.  I chose to get off birth control, using other means when necessary, in an effort to get my body back to its natural state.

But my natural state was a nightmare!  All the unbearable symptoms returned with a vengeance.  Without health insurance, I put off going to the doctor and braced myself each month for the monster that unleashed within me. 


I finally got fed up and, no matter the cost, I was determined to get my health in order.  I found a very thorough and knowledgeable holistic gynecologist, Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch, who discovered I had endometrial polyps.  Why hadn’t any other doctor determined this??  They’re an overgrowth of the endometrium, (the uterine lining) basically due to low levels of progesterone. 


I didn’t want “hormone therapy” and Dr. Wolloch listened to my concerns and worked with me on the right solution.  Most women choose to have them surgically removed but I opted for a more natural approach.  With my own research and Dr. Wolloch’s advice, I went on a plant-based progesterone cream, had weekly acupuncture with Dr. Dorothy Wells who specializes in women’s health, and practiced restorative yoga poses I know to be beneficial for the reproductive system. 

But I knew I had to go deeper in truly restoring my health…

Join me in my next blog when I reveal the other significant part of the solution and the actual results: Healing is an Inside Job (Part 2 of 2)