Yoga: Beyond the Mat

March 7, 2015 | by Michelle Meier

Yoga is an endless journey of self-exploration, the most important journey we'll ever make, and it constantly evolves with us. The way we show up on our mats reflects the way we show up in life.

Yoga is a journey deep into yourself. When we first begin, it is often a struggle and a challenge and we're looking all around us to see how everyone else is doing in their poses and wondering if we look the same.

Somewhere along the path, the physical practice of asanas points to us our darkness and we begin to explore within. It can be a scary and often messy process of exploration but yoga supports us like a loving mother's arms.

It is by delving deep into our darkness that we begin to see our light. And, ohhh, how our light shines bright from deep has been there all along. 

It just took our practice of yoga to peel away the layers.

Then one day we realize that we're on our mat, fully present and tuned in.

The truth in our lives is that some days we're stronger, more present, more at peace and other days we're looking around us at others on their mats, we're worried about finishing laundry, getting to the next appointment or replaying a past experience in our minds. 

Only now maybe we don't beat ourselves up so much when we're not present. We've learned how to BREATHE. 

The beauty of yoga is that the practice expands and contracts with us and gives us endless possibilities of exploration. We are on our mats the way we are in life. It is up to us to decide how we show up everyday. 

Everyday this week, I chose to be more present with my practice and I can feel the depth and expansion in my body and in my mind. And, you know what? I feel amazing!!! And overflowing with gratitude...

How will you choose to show up for yourself today?

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