New Year's Resolutions

January 1, 2015 | by Michelle Meier

How to stick to your resolutions from a yogi's perspective. And maybe even turn your world upside down to see that rightside up isn't really as scary as you might think it to be.

How many times have you set a New Year's resolution (or any resolution, for that matter) for yourself and then fallen off the path months later, perhaps even only a few short weeks or days after?

It's ok.  We've all been there. It's through these times when we've stumbled on our paths or maybe even given up altogether that we can learn to pick ourselves up and move forward even stronger.

As we embark on our journey through 2015, be sure to DREAM BIG.  Get clear on your vision.  Don't hold back.  Include everything your heart desires in your vision of your future.  Don't worry if it sounds impossible right now.  You don't need to know the "hows" and the "whens".

HAVE FAITH.  When you begin to believe in yourself and believe that you deserve to fulfill your heart's desires, the universe will conspire to take care of those "hows" and "whens".

TAKE ACTION.  It's good to remember that New Year's resolutions don't get fulfilled overnight.  Slow and steady wins the race.  My sister always reminds me that "you can't eat an elephant whole." 

So TAKE LITTLE BITES EACH DAY and over time you will see yourself grow and transform.  Think back to how far you've come since last New Year' took time to get to where you are today, didn't it? 

CHOOSE LOVE OVER FEAR.  This has been one of my big lessons over the past year...I've been learning to speak my truth without fear of judgment or what others will think.  I've been learning to say what I feel without worrying how others will respond.  I recognize that my feelings should never be contingent on someone else's. Ever.  And, when in doubt, I ask myself "what would love do?" 

One of my fears has actually been practicing headstands without the safety net of a wall behind me.  This is strange for me considering I also teach pole fitness and have no problem inverting on a pole while several feet in the air.  Go figure!  We each have our own battles and fears to face...

DO IT RIGHT.  So I'm going back to square one with headstands and working on my foundation first.  If you, too, are practicing tripod headstands, a great trick is placing a shoulder-width strap just above your elbows so they don't splay out (as shown above, right).  USE THE TOOLS IN YOUR TOOLBOX!

So often, when we lift up, we forget to engage our arms as we begin to engage our abs.  Having the strap there will remind you to engage properly.  It's important to keep your foundation by pressing down evenly into the palms and lifting up through the shoulders creating space between the tops of your shoulders and earlobes.

Where else in your life are you forgetting to engage your foundation as you move forward in your next steps?  If you feel shaky or unsure wherever you are, GO BACK TO YOUR FOUNDATION.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  Here in the pic below, with the strap in place, I'm practicing lifting up my legs through a straddle and holding, holding, holding...This way I'm getting stronger and more used to being on my head for extended periods of time.  

The same holds true for whatever your endeavors are.  Keep practicing.  If you fall, get up and do it again.  Every time you practice, you’re learning about yourself and getting stronger in the process.

ONE STEP AT A TIME. Once I'm comfortable with holding my straddle headstand, I can work on lengthening my spine and bringing my legs together, internally rotating my thighs and pressing through the balls and heels of my feet.  Step by step.

SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE. Pretty much what you're doing in a headstand is standing up.  Only upside down.  Where in your life can your shift your perspective about your goals and desires?  Maybe they really aren't as hard and daunting as you make them out to be.  Maybe it's about flipping your perspective and looking at them from another vantage point.  

ALWAYS KEEP AT IT.  Once you master something, whether a headstand, a new skill or achieving one of your goals, don't call it a day and say you're done with it, on to the next thing.  Like muscles, you need to work your skills and your goals to stay sharp, strong and steady.

BE COURAGEOUS.  Resolutions, growth and transformation are about being courageous enough to explore our weaknesses and fears.  I tell myself, "May I see the darkness so that I may go into the light."

FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND INTUITION.  It's about following your heart and letting your intuition be your guide.  The map you draw for yourself is the best way to charter your path.  Nobody else can do it as well as you can.

Most of all, it is about the journey.

May yours be blessed and bountiful and may it be filled with Love and Joy.

Happy 2015 from LoveJOYoga Therapy!


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