The Power of Belief

December 9, 2014 | by Michelle Meier

What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become. Change your thoughts. Change your life. The choice is always yours.

The Power of Belief


Over two months ago, I had a non yoga-related injury.  Of all the adventurous things I love to do like hiking, skiing, water rafting, skydiving, etc, it was a trip and fall over an office desk whose drawer had malfunctioned and opened, unbeknownst to me as I'd gotten up from the desk to help someone.  

I only ended up helping myself greet the marble floor.

The impact thankfully didn't break or fracture the bone but it left me with an awful case of tendonitis that resulted in pain and tingling in my hand, forearm and often all the way up into my shoulder.

Even practicing Down Dog felt impossible; it hurt too much.  I was in almost consistent pain for two months. The doctor that I had through worker's comp was a class A "you know what", which felt like the bitter icing on this unpalatable cake.

Last Tuesday, after weeks of the doctor-prescribed physical therapy that only left me in more pain and even incapable of driving a car (not to mention the additional weeks of trying to get a hold of the insurance company for help), I finally got an MRI.  The doctor had been insisting that the only way I was going to heal was through surgery.

The MRI technician told me he saw fluids in my wrist that shouldn't be there and also noted that he could see the impact my fall had on the bone. "There is definitely something going on in there and it doesn't look good; most of these cases require surgery, I'm sorry" were his words to me.

It was right at this precise and providential time that I was introduced to the power of belief.  It was a dear friend who had sent me "E-Squared" by Pam Grout as a gift, a book of 9 do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality.

We get the "concept" of how positive thinking brings about a positive life experience. But the book really got me thinking...what about actually analyzing all of our thoughts and the words we use everyday?

I looked back at my words over the past two months. Whenever people had asked how I was doing, I'd say that I was in pain and feeling frustrated over the jerk of a doctor I got and the unresponsive insurance company.  And, in an effort to stay positive, I'd end by saying, "but I'll get better!!"

Even though I thought I was trying to look at the bright side of things by declaring I'll get better, I was preceding it with complaints of pain, frustration and helplessness.  So that's all I kept experiencing: pain, frustration, helplessness.

After I left the MRI appointment, I decided to speak and think ONLY positively about it.  I thought about my healthy and healed wrist as much as I could.  I pictured myself strong again.  I even ventured back into my regular yoga practice, simply being even more mindful than I usually am with my alignment and modifying where necessary in wrist-bearing poses like Down Dog and Plank.  

Everyday I lovingly touched my wrist and told it, "you are healed".  This is also what I told people when they asked me how I felt. At first it felt fake but I refused to give in to my inner nagging voice of self-doubt.

By the third day, I awoke for the first time in months without pain.  I sprung out of bed and proclaimed, "I am healed!!"  And this time I BELIEVED it.

Today, one week after the MRI, I was scheduled with that mean doctor to give me my official results from the test. I prayed for him, not for myself, before the appointment. He must be mean because he is unhappy in his life.  Happy people just don't treat others unkindly.

And I told myself that I don't care what he tells me my results are.  I know I am healed.

Well, they suddenly switched doctors today and I had a very nice gentleman come in who looked at the results, then back at me and said, "Your MRI is clear. Your wrist is fine and you're officially discharged."  

This was the SAME MRI that was taken a week ago; I never retook it.

I was not surprised.

Today I'm practicing Bakasana (Crow Pose) in celebration of my conscious manifestation and in gratitude for the awesome reminder of how thoughts become things.

What are your thoughts and words throughout your day? How can you change or improve them to reflect what it really is you wish to call into your life?


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