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LoveJOYoga Therapy focuses primarily on one-on-one therapy.  Why do private sessions?  No two bodies are exactly alike.  Private sessions offer you personalized care and attention to your individual needs. 

Prior to your first session, you'll receive a phone consultation to review your health, medical history, injuries and goals.  During the first session a physical assessment will also be done.  This way you'll have a program tailored specifically for you to receive the maximum benefits of yoga therapy.

Yoga Therapy can help with:

  • stress management
  • grief, depression and anxiety
  • various ailments, including diabetes and high blood pressure
  • healing from illness, including cancer
  • rehab for injuries
  • improving posture and spinal alignment to relieve back pain

To schedule your private session or for questions about how Michelle can help you, either call 844-MYLOVEJOY (844-695-6835), fill in the form below or click on this email directly: michelle@loveJOYogaTherapy.com

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"Yoga therapy is now recognized worldwide as a clinically viable treatment. It is increasingly being used regularly in healthcare facilities and hospitals. As more and more physicians see that yoga therapy helps their patients feel better, it is increasingly becoming a component of medical care."